Do you find that your car hesitates when accelerating as you drive around Lansing? If so, then you might find yourself wondering why this is. There are several things that could cause your vehicle to hesitate as you accelerate, and some of these issues can include a clogged filter, a broken fuel pump, or even problems with your vehicle's transmission. The service team at Morrie's Grand Ledge Lincoln is here to help you determine why your vehicle hesitates when you accelerate and what to do about it. Let us show you why your car is hesitating as you pick up speed, and for all of your service needs and inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

Why Your Car May Be Hesitating When You Accelerate

Determining why your car hesitates when accelerating isn't so cut and dry as there could be several things causing your vehicle to accelerate. If you're wondering why your car hesitates when you accelerate as you drive around Grand Ledge, then here are some possible issues: 

  • Fuel Pump: The fuel pump delivers a specific amount of fuel to the engine for combustion, but if the fuel pump isn't working properly, then it won't deliver the correct amount of fuel to your engine. This can result in your vehicle hesitating as you accelerate.
  • Throttle Position Sensor: The throttle position sensors tell your vehicle's main computer how much pressure to put on the accelerator as well as how to position the throttle. Once your main computer has this information, it uses this data to adjust the fuel and air mixture accordingly before it goes into the engine. However, a broken throttle position sensor will send incorrect information to the main computer, which can cause your vehicle to hesitate as you pick up speed. 
  • Fuel Filter: The fuel filter filters out dirt, dust, and other debris that can get mixed in with your vehicle's engine fuel. Overtime, your fuel filter can become clogged, which can lead to it not filtering out debris as efficiently. This can then lead to your vehicle hesitating as you accelerate.
  • Mass Airflow Sensor: Your vehicle's mass air flow sensors detect the amount of air that goes into the engine and transfers this information to the main computer of your vehicle. Your main computer takes this information and tells the fuel injectors how much fuel to send the engine. A malfunctioning mass air flow sensor could lead to engine problems, which can lead to your vehicle hesitating as you go faster.
  • Fuel Injectors: The fuel injectors are responsible for spraying fuel into the internal combustion chamber, but the fuel injector can become worn out or clogged with more use, which can cause your vehicle to hesitate as you accelerate.

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Transmission Issues 

We mentioned earlier that if your car hesitates when accelerating, then the transmission could also potentially be an issue. Electronically controlled transmissions can develop issues with sensors and actuators in the same way that combustion engines can develop these issues. When your car hesitates as you accelerate, it could mean that the transmission clutch is slipping and that there aren't any problems with the engine. Transmission slippage can usually be caused by low transmission fluid levels or old transmission fluid. Other issues can include an old transmission oil pump, clutch solenoid failure, or damage clutches.

If you find that your car hesitates when accelerating, then schedule service with us. We'll examine your vehicle and determine what needs to be serviced, so you can get back out on the East Lansing roads in no time at all.

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So ,why does your car hesitate when you accelerate? To get to the bottom of your vehicle's issues, contact Morrie's Grand Ledge Lincoln. We'll help you determine why your car hesitates when accelerating and answer any other questions you have, like what tire rotation is and much more. 

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