You've probably heard of tire rotation, but what does rotating tires mean? Rotating tires involves moving the tires on your vehicle around to evenly distribute the wear and tear that they receive. Helping your tires wear out evenly increases their lifespan, so you don't have to change them as often. Learn more about what tire rotation is and how it can benefit your vehicle's tires with the service team at Morrie's Grand Ledge Lincoln. Afterward, rely on our service expertise to keep your vehicle's tires in tip-top shape on the Grand Ledge roads. 

What Does Rotating Tires Mean & How Is It Performed?

What does rotating tires mean? Tire rotation involves moving tires on your vehicle from one position to another. Most of the time, the front tires will be moved to the rear end of the vehicle, and the rear tires will be moved to the front end. But, tire rotation can vary depending on the drivetrain of the vehicle you have. Here are some basic things that drivers should know involving tire rotation: 

  • Most vehicles carry the majority of their weight in the front, so front tires usually wear down faster. 
  • The drivetrain of your vehicle will determine which tires wear down faster. 
  • In FWD vehicles, power is directed to the front axle and wheels to move your vehicle forward. Because of this, the front tires will wear down faster than RWD, AWD, or FWD tires. 
  • Drivetrain not only affects which tires will need to be rotated, but it also affects the order in which your tires are rotated. 

What Does Tire Rotation Do for Your Vehicle?

What does tire rotation do besides increase your tires' overall lifespan? Tire rotation does many things to help your vehicle run at its best on the road, including: 

  • Traction: Tires lose tread depth as they wear down over time. This means less traction that you'll have as you drive. Rotating tires slows down the rate at which your tires wear down, increasing the amount of traction and control you have. 
  • Blowouts: As tires become more worn down, they're more likely to blow out on the roads. So, regularly rotating your tires prevents your tires from blowing out as you drive. 
  • Performance: When tires wear down unevenly, they usually cause vibration that can be felt in the steering wheel. Even wear through tire rotation prevents this from happening. 
  • Efficiency: Worn-down tires create a drag on the vehicle, strain on the engine, and lower fuel economy. 

Now that you know what tire rotation is and how it helps your tires last longer, you'll be better equipped to keep your tires in tip-top shape on the roads. For more helpful service and parts tips, reach out to any member of our team here at Morrie's Grand Ledge Lincoln. 

Rotate Your Tires in Grand Ledge

For more tire rotation tips and other helpful tire-care information, contact us at Morrie's Grand Ledge Lincoln. We're here to help you get back out on the road as soon as possible. 

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